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  • Viking Whetstone Pendant | Knife Sharpening Necklace

    Viking Whetstone Pendant | Knife Sharpening Necklace

    World famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite (99% pure silica), the rarest and finest abrasive stone in existence. Great general purpose field stone for edge maintenance. Medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size). Typically, stones in this...

  • Lapstone Flex Sharpener

    3 1/2" overall. 3" honing surface. 30 and 60 micron (fine and coarse), unique double-sided version. Stainless composite construction. Bendable and formable specially designed for gut openers. Ball chain lanyard. Honing area is coated with millions of...

  • Lansky Puck

    3" diameter dual grit carbide sharpening stone measures 1" thick. Ideal for lawn mower blades, machetes, garden tools, etc.

  • Vargo Titanium Dig Dig Tool

    DIG IT. STAKE IT. BETTER Make quick work of digging catholes AND securing your shelter with the Titanium Dig Dig Tool™. The Dig Dig Tool's™ ergonomic design is easier and more efficient to use while its rounded handle won't "dig" into your...