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  • Green Rouge Strop Compound

    Green Rouge Strop Compound

    6 piece set of Green Rouge Strop Compound (fine) by Marbles designed for honing. Use this compound for polishing, lapping, stropping and honing wood working tools.

  • Assorted Strop Compounds

    Assorted Strop Compounds

    This is a set of six strop compounds by Marbles designed for a variety of uses. The black is designed for removing rust scale, carbon and heavy tarnish. The white is designed for use on chromium,...

  • Marbles 437 Survival Tin Marbles 437 Survival Tin

    Marbles 437 Survival Tin

    Dimensions: 4.25" x 3.13" x 1.13", 2.24 oz. Rubber seal on inside of lid. Useful as a storage tin for personal survival equipment. Comes empty. Aluminum construction.