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  • Koretemp Blanket

    Koretemp Blanket

    The KoreTemp Blanket is a multi-use piece of gear that should be in everyone's kit. Designed as an integral part of the KoreTemp Modular Shelter System, this liner pairs perfectly to the dimensions...

  • KoreTemp Modular Shelter Half

    KoreTemp Modular Shelter Half

    The KoreTemp Modular Shelter Half is made to be used in several ways. A stand alone one person lean-to  Snap a KoreTemp Modular Poncho to make a Baker style tent Tie in a Emergency Space...

  • KoreTemp Modular Poncho

    KoreTemp Modular Poncho

    The KoreTemp Modular Poncho is a silnylon OD brown poncho made to pair up with the KoreTemp Modular Shelter Half, or stand alone. It is made and manufactured in the USA, which is a fact we are very...

  • KoreTemp Poncho Liner

    KoreTemp Poncho Liner

    The KoreTemp Hooded Poncho Liner is a multi-use piece of clothing that should be in everyone's kit. Its main function is to be worn as an insulation layer, but it has many other additional functions...

  • KoreTemp Signal Sack - OD & Orange

    KoreTemp Signal Sack - OD & Orange

    The KoreTemp Signal Sac is a must have multi-purpose piece of gear. Measuring at 29" square and weighing in at 3.2 oz it can be easily folded and slipped into a pocket. One side of the KoreTemp...