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  • Primus Micron Lantern (Steel Mesh)

    The Micron Lantern is a compact, lightweight and durable lantern that provides light and warmth when you need small dimensions, low weight and durability. Manufactured with a durable, rustproof mesh...

  • Primus Micron Trail Stove

    Primus Micron Trail Stove

    Description: The MicronTrail Stove is one of our most advanced stoves with a low weight and compact format. A narrow, high speed flame is more wind resistant and especially suitable for Primus...

  • Primus Classic Trail Stove

    Primus Classic Trail Stove

    Simple, Durable, Classic. ClassicTrail is a simple, durable and classic outdoor stove for those who wish to enjoy good food in the great outdoors. A robust design and great value. The trekking...