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    Beautiful photographs adorn the pages with mushrooms in the wild as well as picked, showing them from a multitude of angles. Study these photographs and you will become adept at recognizing edible and safe mushrooms. Even those who are unfamiliar with...

  • Backyard Medicine

    Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies by Julie Brunton-Seal & Matthew Seal. Includes nearly 300 color photographs and over 120 herbal remedies that you can make yourself. 206 page softcover.

  • Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart

    A Handbook for Vacation Campers and Travelers in the Woods. By Horace Kephart. 331 page paperback. Find tips on catching and cooking game, practical provisions to bring, setting up camp, navigating unfamiliar terrain, useful woodsmanship and marksmanship...

  • Complete Guide to Edible Plants

    The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants - Department of the Army. 143 page paperback. Includes sections on plants for medicine and poisonous plants plus many color photos.

  • Map Reading and Land Navigation

    Headquarters of the Army. Paperback. Includes sections on: map reading, training strategy, parts of maps, marginal information and symbols, grids, scale and distance, direction, overlays, aerial photographs, land navigation, equipment and methods,...

  • Mushrooming With Confidence

    By Alexander Schwab. A guide to collecting edible and tasty mushrooms. A handy guide for identifying the most common and delicious mushrooms. 300 color photographs. Lists of the best tools for mushrooming, the best techniques for getting a mushroom out...

  • Rite in the Rain 3x5

    Rite in the Rain 3x5

    The global standard for tactical and outdoor notebooks. Protect yourself and your notes by using Rite in the Rain Tactical Pocket Notebooks. These 3" x 5" top spiral notebooks have 100 Universal pages (50 sheets) in OD or Coyote. With the Universal...

  • Survival FM 21-76

    Headquarters - Department of the Army. 288 page paperback. Includes sections on Individual and Group survival; health and first aid; orientation and traveling; water; food; firemaking and cooking; survival in special areas; hazards to survival and much...