Bushcraft Outfitters MEST™ Poncho - Regular

While useful as a stand-alone item, the MEST™ Poncho can also compliment one of our tarps or an existing shelter system you currently have.

The MEST™ Poncho can be used as a poncho, ground cloth, emergency shelter, improvised pack cover, improvised litter, etc. 


  • Size: 58" x 94"
  • Urethane coating (1-1.25 oz per sq yd)
  • Fire retardant
  • IR compliant
  • Fabric is mil-spec Multicam
  • Tabs: 8 perimeter
  • Weight: 14.6 oz
  • Includes stuff sack

The MultiCam® fabric has up to five time the amount of water repellant coating of other nylon material, as well as being infused with a fire retardant.

We recommend seam sealing the hood of the poncho with a good urethane-specific seam sealant, such as the McNett product linked below. 

All components of the Multicam MEST™ are 100% made in the USA of mil-spec material.

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