Enhanced MEST™ Poncho

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Enhanced MEST™ Poncho

The Enhanced Poncho is the newest addition to our Multipurpose Emergency Survival Tarp line up. It is made and manufactured in the USA, which is a fact we are very proud of. The earth tone color blends in well with most environments. The poncho has 8 low profile tabs bar tacked around the perimeter. These allow the Enhanced Poncho to be set up in several different shelter configurations. All the snaps on the poncho are double sided. This gives the user the option to snap 2 of them together for larger shelter options, or snapping a single poncho together to make an emergency bivy. The seams on the hoods of the Enhanced Poncho have a binder strip sewn into them. This makes the seam very resistant to foul weather. The perimeter has a 1.5” piece of webbing sewn into it for added strength and durability. A stuff sack is included with the Enhanced Poncho.


  • Total weight including stuff sack 13.3 ounces
  • Made from Sil-nylon manufactured in the USA
  • 8 bar tacked low profile tabs for stakes and tie outs
  • 20 double sided snaps
  • Large hood that can accommodate a climbing helmet
  • Finished size 62” wide by 93” long