The Bushcraft USA Knife is made by LT Wright for us. The steel is 1/8" O-1, which is my personal favorite. The grind is Scandinavian. The blade length is 4" with a overall length of 9" including the OD Green Micarta handles. A black leather dangler sheath with fire steel loop is included. These will be available in small batches

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Bushcraft USA Knife

Well made, solid knife....fit and finish was spot on.Knife was extremely sharp and sheath fit is outstanding.

Solid, solid knife

I haven't had the chance to use my personal knife; but I'm pretty certain I used the same exact knife (or precursor) during the survival portion of a Civilian S.E.R.E class. The little bit of time I used it, was enough for me to decide to pick one up for myself. The knife is rock solid and quite beefy, but yet feels really comfortable in the hand. I can tell you it will take rough use. The sheath is also quality. I really like the integrated fire-steel loop; especially after the S.E.R.E. class and recognizing the need for the fire-steel to be connected to my person and readily available.