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1/8" thick 1095 cryo'd and tempered to 53-54 rc by Peters'.
Approx 11" blade and 16" overall.
Red Birch scales and jute wrap.
.093 kydex sheath.
Combo grind with 2" of scandi and the rest convexed.
Shovel tip
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100% awesome; ALMOST a one tool option

This is a wickedly compact woodsman survival tool. The steel selection and hardness makes the blade less likely to break in the field and easy for field sharpening. Being just 16" OAL and weighing in (w/o the included kydex sheath) at 16.9oz, she's a nice and light tool to carry in (or strapped to) a bag. The short 2" razor sharp scandi-ground edge near the handle makes it easy to do detailed woodworking and carving cuts or notches. The epoxy-soaked jute twine grip wrap grabs your hand while using the blade without creating hotspots. It's probably my favorite "working" handle out of all my tools. The 2-1/4" wide spade tip is fully sharpened around to the spine to allow for easy digging, root cutting, hide scraping/flensing, or for hollowing out wood sections for making makeshift containers. This wide tip is also useful for moving hot coals from a main fire to a separate cook fire. The spine has a sharp 90° grind useful for sparking ferro rods and scraping bark for fire-starter materials, while also being wide enough for striking when batonning the blade through wood. While designed as a "one tool" option, I find it pairs extremely well with a smaller fixed blade that has a sharp tip. While you could likely make due without this secondary sharp-tipped blade in a survival situation, it would certainly make some bushcraft/survival tasks easier if you had one along. Overall, I'm quite happy with my SEREchete and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quality alternative to a big heavy bush blade or thin-bladed machete as this will outperform those every time.


If you are looking for a one tool option this is about as close as you are going to find. Cuts carves and chops extremely well! The balance and handle shape are spot on, allowing hard-hitting snap cuts.

This thing is a beast!

Best multi-use tool I've ever owned. Balance and heft are perfect, the jute twine wrapped handle is a perfect fit and offers excellent grip for those das when it's wet in the field. You will not be unhappy with this purchase.... unless your boss lady gets the mail before you do.